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"Loud, dissonant and hectic in all the right ways...gleefully sporadic explosion of shimmering soundscapes doesn’t provide any room for complacency." -Paste

"Boasting shimmering sci-fi sounds, percussive acrobatics, and a strong inclination toward solid hooks....equal emphasis on the noise and the pop sides of the spectrum" -Altered Zones

"A devastating live force when it exited the womb, winning hearts and crushing minds." -The Decibel Tolls

"Best Bands SXSW 2011...I strongly recommend you download Zorch's free demo from the band's website." -NPR

"the Austin ADD-noise-pop duo Zorch nail it with this track. The density of the jam is tempered by that recurring hook, and the length of the jam is tempered by how awesome it is"
-Consequence of Sound

Joy was one of the recurring themes of this year's SXSW, and Austin's own playful, electronic rock duo Zorch served up more than a lot of bands. -Esquire

" 'Cosmic Gloss' is just the invigoration my exhaustion-addled mind requires." -Exclaim


Zorch is a duo from Austin, TX. Composed of Zac Traeger (keyboards, omnichord, vocals) and Shmu (drums, omnichord, vocals), the two hail from Wisconsin and Canada respectively. The duo met in Boston and began recording dozens of improvisational mixtapes, which, after moving to Austin in 2009, would help lay the foundation for Zorch. Since that pivotal move, they've quickly made a home for themselves in the city's DIY scene, building a reputation on their intense and visual live shows and fan interaction.

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